About Sabai De Ka Massage School

Kloy - Sabai De Ka FounderSabai De Ka massage school was founded by Thanyanet Pothamoon (Kloy) in 2004.

Kloy first learned the art of Northern Thai (Lanna) massage from her mother in 1994 at the age of 15, in Lamphun located in the north of Thailand.

Kloy developed her skills further in 1997 at Payap University in Chiang Mai where she received her Bach of Business Administration (BBA) and  Master of Business Administration (MBA). She also studied extensively  with the Lanna massage instructor, Aon, who has experience in massage for more than 40 years. After that, Kloy began her massage business in 2004.

Sabai De Ka officially opened in 2004, offering massage and spa services. The massage lessons and classes are added later due to the high customer demand. Kloy enjoys teaching so much that she now teaches exclusively, with her expert staff providing spa and massage service.

As much as her love of teaching, she enjoys learning even more. Since completing her formal education, Kloy has sought out numerous other sources of knowledge in order to enhance the customers’ experience including:

  • Sarapatchange School (Tok sen)
  • Sarapatchange School (Traditional Thai Massage)
  • Ancient Chinese Medical treatment (Ba Guan)
  • Private teacher Sang (From Myanmar), an expert in medical massage (Tui Na)
  • Private teacher Aon an Thai Lanna massage Style
  • Private Teacher Mai an Rachasomnage Style
  • Medical Massage And Suction Cupping Therapy (Teacher Na)
  • Guasha Therapy (Teacher Na)

Kloy would like to send thanks to every past student at her school and welcome all who are interested in studying massage to Sabai De Ka Massage School. It will be an enjoyable time for both the students and the teachers. It will also add up to good memories during your time in Thailand.

Meet Our Professional Teachers


Massage Instructor

Once you meet Mook in person, you will remember her forever because of her smile and big laught 🙂

Mook has been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years and has her own spa for many years. She studied massage at chiang mai institute for skill development on massage and training for spa manager, run by the ministry of public health.

Prim - Sabai De Ka Massage School Chiang Mai Thailand


Assistant Manager

Prim is an Assistant Manager, massage instructor and Kloy’s lovely sister. She will welcome you to Sabai De Ka with her warm and friendly smile.


Massage Instructor

Na traveled to the USA years ago, where she studied Tuina Shiyashu and ancient Chinese medical treatment called Ba Guan (Suction Cup). Since then she’s been learning and practicing for more than 20 years. She also studied many different styles of Thai massage and worked for many years as a massage therapist. She still continues to practice her skills to the present day. Besides her excellent massage skills and knowledge, Na can also speak Thai, Chinese, and English fluently.

She is a very kind person. She will welcome you to her class at Sabai De Ka Massage School with her big beautiful smile.

Wasana - Sabai De Ka Massage Instructor


Massage Instructor

Wasana has been teaching massage for a long time, over 23 years. She also has her own massage school in Doi Saket, which is her hometown. She’s also a part-time teacher at a Thai government school teaching students how to give massage, which allows them to find a part-time job.

Wasana studied at the Thai governmental massage school and spa, run by the Ministry of Public Health. With the incredible amount of experiences,  she is happy to share her knowledge to all students at Sabai De Ka school.


Massage Instructor

Aaruun is sweetie teacher and her gentel style teaching you will remember her name and with beautiful smile.

Aaruun has been practicing massage therapy for over 22 years. She studied massage techniques at Sarapatchang Massage School in Chiang Mai, which is run by Public Health Center and the Spa of Nursing Science. Kobkeaw’s massage style is unforgettable, and neither is her well-designed lessons for students.

Massage Instructor - Maew - Sabai De Ka Massage School


Massage Instructor

“Maew” in Thai means Cat. Maew has been a massage therapy instructor since when she was young. She learned massage from her sister who is an expert in medical massage. Meaw also attended a governmental massage school. She’s kept practicing her skills and been working as a masseuse for over 22 years.

Maew has been teaching massage since 2009. She’s very kind, always happy, smiley and laughs a lot. You will be filled with good energy in her class.


Massage Instructor

Audom or “Mr.Dom” earned his massage skills from Sarapatchang School and Department of Skill Development, which is a government school. He has his own massage shop in Chiang Mai old city and also works as a massage instructor at Sabai De Ka Massage School.

Mr. Dom has been working in massage industry for more than 25 years. With his skills and experiences, you can be ensured that you will learn a lot from him.