Differences Between Folk Massage And Royal Massage

Both folk massage and royal massage are similar to the principle of treatment: diseases and
illnesses, however, the effects of treatment are different.

Folk Massage 

Before the masseur starts giving a massage, he must pay respect to the patient in order to ask for permission to touch the patient’s body The masseur then begins to massage from feet up to knees, upper legs, stomach, back, shoulders, nape of the neck and head.

Royal Massage

The masseur must walk with both knees and hands beside the body toward the patient. Then, he/she sits with legs folded sideways in a distance of 35 cms. Far from the patient. The masseur next pays respect and ask for permission the patient. After the masseur tests the wrist pulse and foot pulse on the same side (right or left) in order to check the symptom, he/ she begins to massage. Therefore, royal massage may be similar to folk massage, but the position of placing his/her hands and the posture of masseur are different from that of folk massage. Royal massage is a more polite pattern and more efficient in treatment.

In addition, royal massage is used to cure some symptoms such as muscle pain, headache, bone disease, illness from blood
circulation and treating for the loosened joint causing by accident.