Ba Guan (Suction Cup) Ancient Chinese Medical Treatment

Ba Guan is one of the common ways to cure diseases by traditional Chinese herbalist doctors. It has such functions as follows: driving away coldness and humidity, dredging the body channels, getting rid of the blood stagnation, enhancing blood circulation, detumescence and acesodyne, eradicating poison and rushing down the heat. All these can help to adjust the balance of yin & yang and release you from tiredness to strengthen your body, which meets the purpose of strengthening body resistance to dispel pathogenic factors. Therefore, we can adopt Ba Guan to cure many diseases.

The most common tool for Ba Guan is the jar, which includes glass jars, ceramic jars, bamboo jars, rubber jars, etc. Even the canning jar at home also can be used to be the tool for Ba Guan. What is the most commonly used in clinic are glass jars, ceramic jars, and bamboo jars, while the rubber jar is more often used at home because of its hand-pinching convenience. You can understand it easily no matter whether you know iatrology, and just cure it anywhere as long as it aches. But its effect is relatively weaker because it does not use fire, so no hospital will use it generally. Glass jars are smooth and transparent, which enables you to watch the conditions of blood congestion, stagnation, forming bubbles and bloodletting inside the jar. So it is often applied in the clinic.

Achieving balance means good health, while an imbalance or disruption means sickness and the occurrence of diseases. Through cupping, traditional Eastern medicine seeks to establish balance and good harmony of your body by restoring the Yin and Yang equilibrium.
If you get sick, then your Yang factor probably is greater thus tilting the health equilibrium. Through the application Baguan and Guasha treatment methods, some of the Yang factors can be flushed out and the Yin restored to full vitality. In this way, optimum health is restored.

It is in this light that Baguan and Guasha works and this is the basic philosophy for its curative and healing powers. It may sound too metaphysical and surreal but these philosophical bases do have scientific underpinnings.
In fact, the body is a comprehensive system that needs to be balanced in order to work properly. An imbalance to your system can make you sick. For example, if too much toxin made their way into your system, it will create enormous disruptions in your body which could lead to sickness. In like manner, if cold air packets have penetrated your muscles nerves, it could cause common sickness and pains.

Baguan and Guasha suck out those toxins and accumulated stress and tensions. The suction created through Baguan and Guasha method will loosen impacted nerve endings thus restoring them to their original state.
If these happen, healing will occur. This is especially true if the therapist will use heat promoted cupping method. Heat has been used since ancient times for medical practices. Through the application of heat, the cold channels inside your body can be eliminated thus restoring the balance of heat and cold.

The essential oils applied to the skin and the rubbing action associated with cupping also provides an effective healing solution. Normally, your back will receive liberal amounts of oils during Baguan and Guasha sessions. After establishing the cups on their appointed spots, the therapist will run the cups along with your muscles and nerve endings. The massaging action coupled with the suction technique can stimulate the activity of healthy cells. This is made possible through the promotion of excellent blood circulation. With good circulation and healthy activity and growth of cells, your body immune system can effectively fight diseases. This then will lead to good health.

Baguan and Guasha It is believed that its action against colds is not through direct combat against the virus, but through strengthening the capacity of the body to produce more anti-virus. Its action against arthritis and rheumatism can be attributed to the stimulation of muscles through the application of heat and friction during cupping sessions.
Baguan and Guasha have been used in Traditional Medicine as a powerful and very effective method of fighting diseases and illnesses. Since ancient time to the present, voluminous records of anecdotal evidences and eyewitness testimonials have shown that indeed, Baguan and Guasha certainly heals.